Going crazy.


I'm 3 days late and really questioning. I had a short conversation with my husband at breakfast yesterday. We went out to ome of our favorite breakfast spots, and my stomach was a little upset. He said "it's because you're pregnant." I told him i was only two days late, and he said "i've known for 2 weeks."

He has been right in the past. He has successfully called out a couple people, and has accurately predicted the gender of at least 4 babies. Because of his track record of predictions i really want to believe him.

I broke down and did a test, and got a bfn. I may try again in the morning. I have noticed my nipples have gotten slightly darker. I definitely feel more fatigued, it's 6:00 and i want to crawl into bed. And i have been experiencing some random nausea. I have also noticed that i have started getting numb fingers/half of my hand during the night, which is something that i experienced with my son.

I just don't know right now. I appreciate any feedback, and just knowing i have some support somewhere. Thanks ladies