Support needed

I don’t really know where to put this, but all I know is I need some lady advice. Tuesday of last week I woke up with the most severe abdominal pain I have ever felt, I went straight to an urgent care where they did a test on my urine to see if I have a UTI. The test came back negative - no signs of a UTI.

My doctor asked me about symptoms and then did a physical examination (mostly just pressing on my abdomen). She came to the conclusion that I may possibly have an ovarian cyst, of course I begin freaking out! I have never had anything like this and have no idea what to do, I have scheduled an ultra sound and a pelvic examination for this coming Wednesday and I am VERY nervous to see what the results of this are..I’m only 16, so I have never had to deal with these things on my own (my mother isn’t around)

My father is around and is going to be the one taking me to the appointment but I really need some lady advice/support. Wish me luck and let’s hope for the best it isn’t something more serious!