What are your babies doing?

Heather • All glory to God. 😊 So thankful for all of my blessings. Wife to an awesome guy. Been together 10+ years. Mom to two awesome kids. One boy and one girl.

My little girl is going crazy with everything she can do already and I want to see what everyone else's babies are to. She's my second and doing everything faster than my 1st.

She started crawling well at 6 months. Pulling to a stand at 6 1/2 months

Cruising at 7 months

Getting to the sitting position by herself at 7 months.

I'm fully expexting her to try to walk any day now. Lol not really but who knows.

My mom told me my cousin started walking at 7 months so I suppose it's possible.

Weekday are all your littles ones up to?

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