UPDATE 😊 Finally! I have my first prenatal appointment and ultrasound tomorrow!


Im beyond excited to find out my due date and to see if this little bean is measuring where it’s suppose to! Good luck to all you ladies due in June! Will update with pic if they get a good pic of this bean. Just had to tell someone since it’s only me and hubby that knows.... until after this ultrasound πŸ’•πŸ€°πŸΌβ€οΈ


This was the only good photo they could get of my bean lol but they said all was good and gave me a due date of June 17th! It was kicking away it’s little legs and we were only able to get a side view but I’m happy doctor said everything looked good

Side note* baby is measuring at 9w1d which puts my dates exact that I ovulated after my 2 days of positive opks 😱 that means we baby danced 3 days before egg met sperm soo I guess if anyone’s wondering if you can get pregnant days before ovulation it’s really true πŸ’•