Sleep regression or leap 4?


My daughter is in the middle of leap 4, and she is quite fussy and cranky since starting. However the last 5ish days she is HORRIBLE about being put down for a nap. We used to rock for like 2 minutes, I’d lay her in her crib and tell her “Take a nap baby, I love you sleep good.” She would talk a little bit, not cry or scream, for maybe 3 minutes then fall asleep. Now it is a screaming fest for like 10-15 minutes. I try rocking, walking, bouncing, everything that worked before. I am now having to nurse her to get her to take a nap and even then she fusses when she is nursing.

I’m just not sure if it is the leap affecting her or if it is possibly the 4 month sleep regression.. She doesn’t have any problems at night time. It’s the same routine and she will either sleep for 12-13 hours straight or wake up once around 2am. Could the sleep regression just effect napping??