Please be honest with me

Okay ladies so after my first baby I’ve always kinda been big. I’ve been 210 and couldn’t go lower than that. I told myself “next time I get pregnant I want to be at least 190” but that didn’t happen.. I’m constantly thinking about how I’m going to gain weight again and how I’m gunna be super huge again.. it sucks because I don’t want to be like this always thinking about my weight.. I want to enjoy my second pregnancy but I can’t because of these stupid thoughts/: my question now is.. what can I do to maintain my weight? I understand I’ll gain weight yes, but I’d like to only gain the baby weight not get fat if u get what I mean.. I go on walks in the afternoon would that help? Because I know I’m not suppose to diet eithier. I love that I’m pregnant but I hate being like this about myself. Thank you all in advanced!!