Im back to try this app out again but I need help following threw


Im 30 yrs old I live in Illinois I’ve been trying to convince for some years now then I took a break now I’m back me and my fiancé have been at this for a while but no luck, I wish I could just find some one as far as a female that can help me with finding a doctor I just moved to Illinois and I don’t know much about out here or where to even start looking i also would

Like some one that could help as far as what type of prenatal vitamins or any vitamins for that matter to help me as far as my health and trying to conceive I really need a best friend besides my mate I mean I would ask him to help me but certain things are just for women ears and I really just want that female companion in my life that would be consistent with helping me get on track and checking up on me, I apologize im rambling i just have a lot on my mind thanks for reading