Is he forreal ?

I had to drive my husband to this class that's about 23 minutes away from his job this class is to get his CDL. The lady who works there was my mom's old friend he was talking about how they became close and she got a phone call and he asked her who it was which i thought was odd. He was talking about how she's a very cool person he's 28 and she's 40 why would I be jealous I found it odd but whatever. My husband cheated a month ago he begged for me back and to go thru with therapy so I gave the chance and trust will take a while but after that conversation he was acting super weird on his phone he ended up putting a passcode on the phone lines so we can't get phone call records so we were talking about it and he got all pissed and offended super fast. We pulled up the class he jumped out fast. I beeped the horn because he forgot to grab his phone. But he turned around and told me I'ma fuck you up yo. Like are you serious? He jumped back in the car and said it again... Wtf. I was like excuse me your not going to sit here and threaten me idk what else to do this is his car so I can't just leave right now the car is under is name and insurance so I'm not going to leave him there as much as I want to because I'm terrified he told me this once when I was pregnant but immedietly apologized