My friends found out I’m pregnant

During my daughters first birthday party 3 of my friends found out I was pregnant from seeing a dr appointment on the fridge. The 3 of them than brought me into a room and asked me if I had something to tell them and I said no. They said we know your pregnant. I told them I’m not anyway they want on saying we kno you are just tell us and if you tell us later that you are we are going to be pissed that you lied to us. I am furious. I find it so disrespectful they took me aside on my daughters day and asked me a personal question that I wasn’t ready to tell yet. I had full plans to tell my dad first as someone told him before I could with my last pregnancy. It’s one thing for one of them to be like hey are you pregnant and respect it when I say no. But instead they all cornered me and guilted me telling me how pissed they would be if I was lying. Now there all texting me asking me why I’m ignoring them. Well I can’t text them talking to them without telling them I’m pissed because I would be admitting I am pregnant and I haven’t yet told my family. I am so pissed.. that was beyond rude of them.