Creepy coworker

To give you a bit of background info I'm 15 and started working at an Asian restaurant and takeaway place earlier this year (March), as a waitress. I'm just asking for some advice because I'm not really sure what I should do about this creepy chef that works in the kitchen.

After about a month of me working there, this chef starts becoming more friendly to me and having more conversations with me. I thought he was just being friendly and nice, but now that I look back on it and some of the things said to me seem really creepy.

First he asked me about my family and my parents jobs which I though was pretty normal. He asked about me and my age and I told him. He then asked me to guess how old he was which I found kinda odd. After a few guesses he tells me he is 30. And goes on about how I'm half his age.

I can't remember exactly if these are in order or not cause this was a few months ago 😂, but anyway, when I am outside of the kitchen I would always catch him staring at me through the glass in the door watching me. After taking orders and calculating the price he made comments saying "you're so talented, teach me how to do math." Which I shrugged off, until about a week later he still continued to stare at me through the doors and made another comment when I was folding napkins: "you're so talented teach me how to fold napkins."

When I'm in the kitchen doing dishes he would always compliment me on my hair and saying that it's "cute".' He also would come over to me and ask me whether I need any help and saying that I'm such a hard worker and "the best staff in the restraunt". I always would refuse his help and he would say I'm so strong for doing it all myself. Upon opening up the dishwasher full of steam he told me "be careful you don't want to ruin your pretty face." Which i responded to by awkwardly laughing.

Whenever I went into the kitchen he would stare at me and make me feel uncomfortable, keeping in mind I am literally half his age. This routine probably went on for 3 months with him finding an excuse to always talk to me and compliment me about something, mainly about my hair or appearance.

All of a sudden he stopped talking to me which I thought was strange but I really didn't care. Turns out one of my female co workers was in the same position as me and filed a complaint against him, because he said way worse and creepier things to her. When she told me this I was shocked and upset coming to the realisation that if she didn't speak up about it something worse could of happened and we could of been in a very bad situation 😭😬😣

Now my friend no longer is working in the restaurant , and all the creepy chef got was a little talking to and warning from my boss after the complaint was made. Since she is gone, and the one who made the complaint he has started speaking to me and staring at me more again.

What should I do??

Thank you xx

Update: I remembered that he has also asked me if I have a boyfriend at least twice, and also mentioned something about friending him on Facebook.....