While I wait for results

I had shyplilis with my last pregnancy which was 9 months ago so probably close to a year found out I had it at my first trimester blood test they do got treated baby so far is fine. Want to apologize ahead of time I’m freaking out right well there a chance I could have it again from cheating spouse. But some of my systoms match that and Obstetric cholestasis like have signs of second stage shyplilis so idk how the hell my ob missed this. But my new dr who now has to refer me to some one else found out they said they weren’t sure because the fact one text was positive and one was neg and the fact that my levels are low so if I had it.... it would be new. But I am having itching with no rash and I mostly itch one my scalp and it’s bad at night. I’m sure it could be

Obstetric cholestasis because last pregnancy I have the upper right pain that started mid second trimester and lasted til I had the baby and it put me into preterm Labour and I continued to have contractions till baby was born. I’m waiting to hear for the dr I’m scared for

My baby. All I can think is I messed my baby up. I am leaving my spouse for good.