My testimony ❤️

So my cycles have been almost non existent for the past three years. Irregular isn’t even the word. I’ve been to multiple doctors and gynecologists for them to try to throw me on birth control and turn me away. I’ve had multiple ultrasounds, both abdominal and transvaginal just for them to tell me everything is fine.

I’ve also been depressed, stressed, and abused for the past three years. Earlier this month I decided to rid myself of everything that was not good for me. I decided enough was enough and ended that toxic relationship. Today I woke up to my first natural menstrual cycle in what feels like ages.

I’m saying all this to remind y’all to take care of yourselves. Put yourself, your mind, and your body first. When you are mentally and emotionally healthy your body reflects that. Don’t let stress consume you. Take care of YOU ❤️