12DPO rhr chart


Mostly for fun because I know resting heart rate isn't a sure thing when it comes to figuring out if you're pregnant lol.

Purple circle is when Glow guessed I ovulated. Got a positive OPK on the 5th , but also one on the 6th so I really don't know when if if it actually happened, haha.

Normally my resting heart rate goes up, up, up until it gets like 78 and then drops down a couple of days before my period. This cycle it didn't go past 73.

Took an .88 test today and it was super negative. I know I could technically still get a positive in a couple days but I don't think it's my month.

When I first got my Fitbit I was pregnant and didn't know it, my rhr was 80 when I first put it on! Unfortunately it ended as a MMC and we've been trying to get pregnant since.

I've seen some posts of rhr charts that go up high and stay up, they get their positives. Thought it might be helpful to someone out there searching the internet for others Fitbit charts to see if mine is similar to theirs! :)

Anyone with one want to share theirs and say whether or not you got your positive?