He’s here 🥰



On Monday November 26 at 5am I headed to the L&D room to be induced. Im at 1 cm dilated and 75% effaced.

They did a Foley balloon but it burst as soon as they placed it and filled it. Good news is it caused my cervix to dilate to a 3 1/2 immediately.

Now they start pitocin. Bumping up my dosage every 30 mins. Eventually I get to the highest dosage. And I am going through uncontrollable pain from these outrageous contractions. So I ask for the epidural. Of course I’m a bit sad. I wanted a natural birth experience.

So finally the epidural kicks in around 5pm and I decided I needed a nap. Around 10pm I wake up, ask to be checked and look to see how far along I am.

SURPRISE! I’m at 10cm and my body is getting ready. But I wanted the natural experience or whatever I could get that was close. So my midwife has the epidural turned off and waits for me to be able lift my legs on my own.

Around 1130pm I was ready.

Before I go to push my midwife checks me one more time. This time she said I could have him out in a couple pushes.

I pushed 7 times, roughly took 25 minutes. But I finally got my beautiful baby boy.

I felt everything (even if it was a little dulled), which is exactly what I hoped for. Luckily the epidural wore off just in time.

Emry Kye Davis was born 5.15oz 19” long at 11:56pm on November 26th 2018.

Here’s some pictures of my baby boy 🥰