Leave your opinions because whew 🙄

Okay let’s start by saying I do love my SO. We’ve been together almost 2 yrs now we also recently moved in together. I know who he is as a person good and bad and i love him in spite of but sometimes he can just be so damn closed minded. So with that said do yal ever just have certain conversations or certain scenarios are going on and your SO’s POV just makes you side eye them for a second? For example I was raised to be accepting of any and everyone 🤷🏽‍♀️ my SO on the other hand not so much. I asked him one day would you go to your sons wedding if he was gay and he said he didn’t really know probably not because he doesn’t agree with that lifestyle. That gave way to a side eye because IMO you’re supposed to love your kids regardless of their choices. Idc what their sexual preferences are if that’s what makes them happy I support it. That particular conversation wasn’t the reason behind the post it was just a good example.