11/28 - CD 11

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Just trucking along... 🚛

Will take an OPK before going to work this afternoon. Should still be a few days out. Planning on using some lube next BD, but I never know which one to use 😅 Still have CP, Preseed, and plenty of coconut oil.

Picked up two new things to add to my daily vitamins...

I've heard of Maca root being great for fertility in general, and the Black Cohosh is good for supporting/balancing estrogen levels. I also doubled up my CoQ10 for this month (boosts egg health) and I've been taking every vitamin/supplement every single day for a few months now (before that I was only taking a prenatal, and I wasn't consistent with taking it every single day) with the exception of these two. I've definitely noticed the difference in my cycle (earlier ovulation, longer luteal phase) since I've made it a habit to take all every day, and they say it takes about 90 days before vitamins/supplements fully effect your egg health, so here's hoping. 🤞🏻🤞🏻

I don't know what exactly could be causing it, but for about the last month, I've been having the most intensely vivid, totally crazy dreams. Very emotionally charged (like literally waking up in tears, at times) I wonder if it could be caused by any of the supplements I've been taking. 🤔 that's the only thing really different that I can think of. It's happening every single time I sleep, it's so weird. I've also been having very minor headaches on and off almost daily for the last month as well. 🤷‍♀️