Uti and false positives


I've been testing and getting faint lines on frer and fairly strong lines on cheapies since November 24th. So I went to the Dr yesterday and she said I have a UTI and that can cause a miscarriage. They drew my blood because their test came out negative, the first negative I've had. She told me to drink lots of water to help with the UTI and to clear up my urine. After doing some googling, I found that having a UTI or urine that is darker can cause false positives. So, I drank a ton of water and cleared my urine up, took a test this morning with fmu and it's negative. 🤦 So, just spreading the news for any ladies that might be going through this so that maybe you don't have to. Make sure your urine is clear before testing. Still waiting on blood test but now that I know, I'm not expecting the news I was wanting.