Letrozole- 7 pills


Quick question.

I started my cycle last Thursday 11/22 and was prescribed letrozole which I was supposed to begin on CD3 and take through CD7. My question is, today is CD 7 so I’ll take my dosage today and then supposedly be done BUT I’ll have 2 pills left. Has anyone else had pills leftover, I was given 7 pills when I picked up but am only suppose to take 5? I’m just confused, I called my doctors office and spoke with the nurse and I think I stumped her too 😂 she’s talking to my doctor then calling me back. I’m scared I’ve messed up.

CD 1- Thursday 11/22

CD 2- Friday 11/23

CD 3- Saturday 11/24 - took 1st pill

CD 4- Sunday 11/25- 2nd pill

CD 5- Monday 11-26- 3rd pill

CD 6- Tuesday 11/27- 4th pill

CD 7- Wednesday 11/28- 5th pill

Which leaves me with 2 extras. Did I count my cycle days wrong?!? 🤦🏽‍♀️