Low-ish Progesterone, 7.5 weeks 🥺

Laura • ❤️ 👧🏼 9/2014,🤰7/2019

So I’ve been spotting pink when I wipe since Thanksgiving (only after a BM, save for one unexplained incident). I called the doctor and they got me in for blood testing yesterday. Results came back today.

I don’t know my HCG and have nothing to compare it to - I only know the nurse said it was “stable,” which I didn’t love. (If it were good, surely she wouldn’t have used “stable,” right??) They’re not going to have me test it again because they said at this stage it will start leveling out anyway and they didn’t “want to scare me more” when it’s not compounding substantially.

My progesterone is at 10.2, which she said is in the normal range, though they like it to be at least a 12. (Of course I Googled to find out that 6-10 is considered low.) So they’re putting me on oral supplements to be safe, and they moved my ultrasound from 12/14 to 12/3.

All of this is totally new to me, and terrifying. I’ve been pregnant only one other time and she is a healthy, happy 4-year-old now. I was 31 then, and the pregnancy was complication free. I never needed hormone testing and I never spotted. I was relatively young and 20 pounds lighter then. I was so lucky, and I’m thankful for that, but now I have no basis for comparison.

The nurse told me to drink lots of water and take some fiber, as well as the progesterone, and rest easy bc I will be “doing everything I can do.” But for some reason, that line freaked me out more than anything.

As long as our baby is hanging in there, I feel good about the supplement helping things progress. But I can’t stop worrying that my levels are low in the first place because I’ve already lost the baby or something. 😩 On the one hand, I am happy that I’ll have some answers sooner than later, but the wait until Monday is going to be eternal. And I’m terrified that I’ll find out my baby is gone.

Have any of you had low progesterone at almost 8 weeks and had things turn out fine?