Sugar daddy

Does anyone know any websites to get a sugar daddy? I want one cause I’m in college right now and broke, but I don’t wanna meet the person face to face just over text and stuff. Please help a girl out... anything helps! 😊😂

P.S. I have a part time job on campus that literally pays once a month!

I’m posting it in multiple groups because there might be someone in a different group who might me able to help me.

Some of you guys are just saying these things because you don’t know my life. I’m a full-time student plus I also work. I need money to help pay for bills and to help out my parents, I’m not asking because I don’t want to work and I’m just lazy. It’s easier to say negative things when you don’t know what people are going through.

Plus, the part time job I have now is really vital in my major. So, getting a different part-time job could hinder my advancement in my major.