Please need legal help don’t know where to post

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Ok I’m not sure what group to post this in so I’m just gonna try posting this on a few different groups. When I had my daughter I’d just finalized my divorce with my ex husband maybe 2 months before she was born he wasn’t the father my fiancé I’m with now is her father but in the state of North Carolina you have to be divorced for more than 200 something days to be able to list anyone other than the ex spouse on the birth certificate even if the baby isn’t theirs so my fiancé’s name couldn’t even be put on his own child’s birth certificate. Now he’s been asking me for Christmas if we conceive this cycle to keep it a secret and surprise him with it as his Xmas gift and I’m planning on doing that but since there’s no guarantee I’ll conceive and I wanna still do something for him for Xmas I want to surprise him by having him put on our daughters birth certificate and from a copy of it and give it to him. It means a lot to him especially since A were trying for baby #2 right now and that baby would have him on there as the father but my daughter wouldn’t have him on there and B if anything were to happen to me he’s not on the birth certificate so we’ve already been told by people that he has no legal rights to her. What I need to know is who do I call to get his name put on there. He said he called on it years ago once the 200 something days were up and the lady told him unless were married he’ll be listed as an adoptive parent not her birth parent which is pure bull shit. Please help me do this for him and as I said I’m gonna post this on a few other groups so as many people as possible see it and glow is the only place I can ask for advice on this where he won’t see it and end up ruining the surprise