I had an awful day... Wrong Gender and Lump


So in August I paid for a 4D ultra sound to find out the gender of my baby. The woman was “sure” it was a boy. This morning I went for my anatomy scan and the woman looked at me in shock and told me she was so sorry but.. ITS A GIRL. Not to be ungrateful but I’m already almost 30 weeks and had everything ready for my baby boy. Now I don’t even have a name picked let alone anything for a little girl. I was so upset I cried the whole way home. After I got home I calmed down and got ready for a breast ultrasound due to me finding a lump in my breast they wanted to see if it was a cyst or blocked milk duct. The woman walked out of the room after to go get the radiologist which I felt kind of weird about but hey I’m new to all this so I was optimistic. The doctor comes in and tells me I have a mass in my breast and he’s worried with my family history that it may be breast cancer. I have my biopsy next week and I’m just praying that it’s just a mass and cancer free. I’ve been crying on and off all day I’m just a whole wreck. I’m sorry this is so long and dumb but this is my only place to vent.