Acid reflux or something else?


So I'm currently about 30 weeks, and 2 weeks ago I woke up in the middle of the night to stomach pains. They started out sort of slow, then within about 15 minutes I was in a significant amount of pain. I threw up everything in my stomach, and laid on the floor crying and groaning for well over an hour. The pain was literally the worst I have ever felt. My boyfriend took me to the hospital (it was mostly over by then) and they told me they thought it was just acid reflux. I know that can be something that flares up when pregnant, but I have never had problems with it before and have no idea how painful it actually gets. It has happened 3 times since then, and I'm terrified to eat most things for fear it will happen again. Does acid reflux actually hurt this bad? I was in so much pain that I was struggling to breathe.