My heart hurts.

I know I'm not the only one who's going through it and i know my wants arent anymore important than others. . but i have literally nobody to talk to and my heart hurts, man... Wanting a/nother baby for so long and wishing and hoping and praying only to silently cry to yourself at night because you know deep down you aren't what you want to be (pregnant) I've cried all day because I know these cramps and symptoms are my upcoming period. I can't keep out of my mind how happy I'd be to find out I finally got what I wanted..... But part of me is telling me that I'm over thinking it. Wanting it and thinking it is tricking my body into having symptoms that I wouldn't normally have. And it makes me cry knowing that deep down its all because of my period coming up soon. 😢 Why must this be wanted to badly ?💔 I'm so sorry to the women who've been struggling with this for a long time or even at all. I feel your pain to an extent. Sending baby dust to everyone that deserves a baby