Should we break up?

My boyfriend of 4 months is going away on the 18th for 2-3 weeks during the holidays. Our relationship is pretty amazing and I’ve never been happier ! Neither has he. Get along great. No problems. We fit amazing ! But I’m starting to get worried and a little crazy about him going away. I’m trying my hardest to not be and to just not worry. He hasn’t really done anything before for me to be worried. I mean I found some things that aren’t on but morning bad bad. I’m paranoid and heart broke because I think he’s gunna cheat on me during the time he’s down there. He told me hes going to be drunk all the time going to bars, and with his friends. That’s it, so I’m pretty upset. It’s not even 2 weeks until he leaves and I’m stressed for my head ladies... I don’t wanna be upset worried the entire time he’s gone. And I really do believe he’s gunna cheat on me or something. I have issues So nothing mean. I’m just so scared to lose this guy and for him to do something behind my back. I just don’t wanna deal with it ☹️💔