4 month old fights breastfeeding

Sierra • Are you lost?

My baby will be 5 months on the 11th and the past few weeks have been pure hell trying to feed him. He’s never been a patient eater, only eating for 5-10 minutes but recently he will only latch for a minute or two before arching his back and crying. He’s also never been a very good sleeper and recently started waking up 6/7 times at night I’m sure from being hungry.

I started giving him more formula (I really only gave him a bottle when we went out somewhere because he HATED eating out) because he was literally gnawing on his fist but still would not breastfeed.

Yesterday I was sure I was going to quit breastfeeding because it just seemed more stressful than a bonding experience but I’ve since changed my mind as I do love feeding my son from my body because when he is patient it’s an amazing experience.

Sorry for such a long post, I’m just wondering if anyone has made it through this and still ended up breastfeeding at the end