He said he’d leave me...


I’m 30 weeks pregnant with my second child. I haven’t had sex since conceiving this child because my fiancé “doesn’t want to” (keep in mind, we’re 21 & both have high sex drives). Today, I kept nagging him to have sex with me, and he stared me directly in the eye and said, “If you don’t fuck off, I’ll leave you.”

So I said, “You would leave me and our two kids...because I want to have sex?”

He nodded and walked away.

LIKE WHAT?!?! 🖕🏼

Edit: We sat down and talked. He admitted to me that he has been getting it elsewhere. Thanks ladies for your support. I knew something was up.

When I say nagged, I mean questioned if it had anything to do with me. And he’s admitted since being pregnant, I don’t look as good as I used to (makeup, hair straightened everyday).