Blame game

So some random girl messaged my DH on fb yesterday. He thought she was fake so I asked some friends about her and she’s real. He thought I made a fake account to test him.

He text this girl , told her he was married but then proceeded to say “about to take a hot steamy shower” and she asked to join he said “depends if you’re shaved in the right spots”

I told him to stop because it wasn’t me , I was laughing because I was just so mad.

He goes to shower and locks the door. He’s still texting her. He asked for nudes many times.

I confront him when he’s out. He told me he was going to block her and he didn’t. She then messaged me and sent me screenshots of the conversation.

I told him he lied and I’m leaving. He’s just going to laugh and say it’s me. I even gave him my phone while I was cooking. How could it be me if he had my phone ??

She finally sends him nudes and he blocked her. I guess that’s when he realized it really wasn’t me.

I’ve never made fake accounts or asked people to test him so I really don’t understand why he would think it’s me. But I was crying so hard last night because I just felt shattered. And when we talked about it he said it was my fault because she texted like I do.

How on earth is this my fault?

Then he says “I’m horny now are you done being dramatic “

He’s never even sexted me. I have no idea who he is.