Need to vent

My husband has been complaining constantly for the past couple of weeks about what I am doing (or not doing). I feel like he doesn’t even care how I’m feeling. I get up before him, work longer days than him (though his job is more physical than mine, he has a shorter day plus a longer lunch, mine is just mentally exhausting), and I’ve been working over most days because I’ve had so much I’ve needed to get done at work. I have horrible sciatic nerve pain going on, I’ve been going to physical therapy for my knee which has resulted in major hip pain which I have to go to MORE physical therapy for. I’m tired and hurting most days, and a lot of nights I’ll fall asleep on the couch after the kids are in bed.

My husband is a night owl and I am not even under the best circumstances. I do as much as I can right and even more some days. It’s not a lot but it’s what I can handle right now. I thought he would be more sympathetic given that he has 3 kids from a previous relationship but he really has no sympathy at all. He constantly asks for backrubs and foot rubs which I don’t mind doing, but if I ask him to rub lotion on me (because it feels better when someone else does it) it’s like I’m asking for the world on a silver platter.

I told him that I feel like nothing I do is good enough and his response was that it’s because I do nothing. If I don’t do the laundry, it doesn’t get done. I cook dinner when I’m not working late and I make sure the kids have clothes for school. He hasn’t gone through their backpacks since I’ve had to work late so if I don’t do that, that doesn’t get done. I’m the only one that makes sure our 2 dogs and kitten have been fed and have water, otherwise no one would fill up their water bowls.

Tl;dr I am just super frustrated and needed to vent