Reflux help

Brenda • 🙏🏻💍🤱🏻🍎🐾

I am at my wits end. Our pediatrician is exactly zero help too. He keeps saying this is normal but my mommy senses say otherwise. My baby girl is 7 weeks old (4 weeks adjusted, 3 weeks early) and night time is hell. If she lays down flat in the bassinet, she chokes all night. She will do this terrifying arching thing, too. She arches backwards and tries to cry but can’t. It’s like she can’t breathe and her face turns bright red. It’s absolutely horrifying and my baby girl is in so much pain. This really only happens at night, too.

So we went and bought the rock n play . The pediatrician said that was a big no no because she HAS to be flat on her back and the rock n play can compress their diaphragm causing SIDS.

The only way she will sleep for any stretch of time is on my chest. Also a big “no no”.

We tried the mamaroo but she kept sliding down. (Why has no one designed a way to strap in a swaddled baby?!?)

We have tried:

-keeping her upright for 20/30 min after feeding

-pacing feeding

-gripe water

-gas drops

-she is swaddled with a white noise machine

-she’s breastfed too.

The ped said we could try adding rice cereal to a bottle but I’ve heard that’s a terrible thing to do before 4 months because they can choke and suffocate.

I was in tears last night because i feel like my baby can’t sleep safely anywhere.

ANY advice would be so helpful. Thank you! —-one exhausted mama