Nobody beleived me

I wanted to tell a little story about what happened when I was about 11 years old.

There was this guy who lived me behind me and you know when your young and you have a crush on a older person and they think it's cute or funny whatever. Well that was me. This guy was about 32, in the army and Italian! I used to sit in the back of my house with my cousin or friend and when he would come home he'll say hello to us and smile and walk into his parents house. One night I found out my grandma passed away so I decided to walk around the block with my cousin so I was 11 and she was 3 years younger. He saw us walking it was about 7 pm and he said hey guys what you up to. Btw my parents and his parents were great friends. So I said my grandma passed I'm upset so I decided to go for a walk. He tells me to come to his door I didn't think anything I was young minded. I walked to the door and he grabbed me so fast and shut the door. My cousin was still outside. At that point I got scared and asked him what was going on he says nothing I missed you. He grabbed my hand and put it to his private and said have you ever felt one before this big I started crying and he wipes my tears and tells me I'm fine he won't do anything to hurt me. He then picked me up and tried to put my legs around him. I started yelling to put me down which he did. He kissed me as he did and at this point I start screaming . The door opened and I made my cousin go get someone. He ended up opening the door and let me leave so we both ran. When I got to the house everyone was crying because my grandma just passed so I thoughtdo I say something or do I keep quiet. I ended up staying quiet I was scared to tell my parents anything. That night I cried myself to sleep. The next day I saw him again and he winked at me and I ran inside to my room. My parents came and told me they heard something from my aunt. My cousin ended up telling her and my aunt was up all night crying and worrying about me. I ended up telling them everything. They were so scared because what if he raped me or what if he kidnapped me. They decided to call over his father to come to the house. So his dad and him came over and I told my story. He denied everything!!!! His dad was so red because he didn't know what to believe or what to do. This guy is in the army he could lose everything. That didn't stop me from telling my story. He said I was walking and I texted him to come outside 1. I wasn't allowed to have a phone! And 2. I didn't have his number. So my dad apologies to him and grounded me. I see this guy till this day I'm now 23 and it haunts me. He tried to talk to me two years ago and I can't believe my parents let this man go like this. My mom passed away in 2013 I wish I could of talked about it again. I felt like nobody listened to me nor cared it messed me up as a child. My cousin still brings it up till this day and I wish something happened.