Don’t know what to do

My boyfriend and I have been together for 5 years and he has serious anger problems from things that happened in his childhood. He saw someone for them when he was a kid but doesn’t anymore. We’ve been in multiple physical altercations. Most recently he was on the phone with his friend and he called me his baby mama. I made a comment out loud stating that I didn’t like being called that. Yes I am the mother of his child but I am also his girlfriend of 5 years who’s been supporting him I’m not a baby mama. After I mad the comment he starting telling me to shut the fuck up because he wasn’t talking to me and to stop talking to him. And I said I “okay And I wasn’t talking to you I was simply thinking out loud nobody told you to respond” This was as I was picking clothes out from my laundry basket next thing you know he comes over over and throws my whole basket across the room. Then he threw his basket at me. He was mad that I was still talking and he flipped our mattress and the box frame over. Next thing you know he’s choking me saying that wasn’t talking to me and that I need to shut the fuck up. He can always say what he wants to say but when I say something is always a problem. I’m always wrong. He has choked me multiple times throughout this pregnancy I am now 35 weeks pregnant. He’s choked me maybe 4 times throughout this pregnancy and it’s always because I said something or I continue talking when he tells me to shut up. I can’t talk to anyone about it. I know I need to leave him and I know you all are going think I’m stupid when I say I don’t want to leave him. It wasn’t always like this I just want go back to how it was in the beginning of our relationship I miss the old us.