Is “Gay Play” a form of homophobia?


Every end of year my company (which is a global corporation) has harassment and human resource training. It’s usually a reflection on the year of what issues have come up and where society has made momentum, etc etc. the biggest topic (as we are a design and architecture firm) was in regards to transgender, proper pronouns, and creating environments around that.

One of the last issues we discussed is that “gay play” will not be tolerated at any capacity.

Gay Play was defined as two or more cis, straight individuals discussing homosexual behavior as a joke.

This includes straight men saying things like “oh baby you look so handsome in that shirt” to another straight man, which is the most typical instance of this happening.

It was stated that homosexuality isn’t a joke and that the purpose of this kind of play is to make individuals uncomfortable.

It’s inappropriate for the workplace, that was a consensus we mostly agreed on.

I have my own opinion that I will hold unless necessary, but was curious what others on here may think of this. So is Gay Play homophobic?