Heartbroken 💔😭

So i have been trying a year and a half to concieve. And before that i had a molar pregnancy and lost my baby at 5 months. Well a friend came over today and we was talking about nothing is working and she said oh no i havent had a period in 2 months(with a man she has been with for 3 months) and i told her to run and get a test that she probably is just stressed because her and her one year old is staying here and there. (She has been through so much) i am sitting in the chair and she opens the door and just looks at me and i knew the moment she looked at me and had fear in her eye. SHE IS PREGNANT! i talked to her and told her i would help the best i can. Anywayysssss she left and i broke down! When will my turn come! I am just so upset.