14 DPO/CD 29 when should I test?

CC • 🌸 Mommy to Sydney 🙏🏻 TTC baby #2

Okay ladies, I am 14 DPO on CD 29, I am still occasionally nursing baby #1 and TTC so my cycles have some fluctuations in that I usually start AF between CD 27-29. We’ve been trying since AUG with BFNs each month and so I took a different route this time around. I’ve used Clearblue Advances OPKs which helped me target my ovulation, started taking a fertility boosting vitamin and took 1 baby aspirin a day to strengthen my uterine lining this month.

We BD at 4 & 5 days prior to O and then 2 days consecutively when I got peak fertility on my OPK. Possible symptoms include: runny nose + dry throat 5-8 DPO but definitely not a cold (I had this w/ my DD & overlooked it) dull cramping on one side that moved a bit from center of pelvis and back 8-9 DPO and again 13DPO, I’ve been slightly forgetful (possible baby brain)

I’m afraid to test and be let down and I also am not sure how or if the vitamins and baby aspirin may impact my cycle. Any ladies out there have any suggestions, similarities resulting in BFP or just want to throw out the best CD to test?