Placenta Abruption @ 30 weeks


My birth story!

30 weeks pregnant

No health problems up to that point.

So i woke up @ around 615AM on 12/11 having horrible cramps so i tried use the bathroom & layed back down hoping the pain would go away but nope . So i woke up my SO & told him i was in pain his response was maybe its the sushi i had for dinner i knew it wasn’t.Around 710AM I was still in pain so I decided i was going to take a shower & to see if that would help . But when i got out of bed i felt a gush of something & when i looked down i was bleeding . I knew it was time to go to L&D so i took a shower & dressed! I arrived @ hospital around 740AM. The nurses started to hook me up to machines then there was more nurses & a doctor at this point i knew something was horribly wrong ! The doctor looked @ me said we need to take you to OR asap. i needed an emergency c-section. All i could do was cry i wasn’t expecting that @ all . I was rushed into OR & given emergency c-section. So this part i don’t remember but i guess when they delivered my son he wasn’t breathing I don’t really know what was going on i was asleep the whole time! My son was born 2lb 13oz @ 8:00AM.He is currently NCUI and doing well. I was told i had a placenta abruption which caused me to bleed & it put baby in distress. Definitely far from my plan but grateful my son is okay and improving daily. Still in shock !

Update: My son is a month old & doing great.Still in NICU we just have to wait for him to eat a full bottle 🤞we can take him home soon