What to do


OK so here’s the full story. Originally I was supposed be going out with a guy name Cedric. I didn’t know that he did not have a car. Anyways, I decided to let him come over as a meet and greet kind of thing. Even though I wasn’t expecting anything to happen I prepared anyways. Well like I said I said for him to come over. He did but he came with his homeboy and will say is homeboy is named Brian. While Brian was way more fine than Cedric. Not trying to be mean but I totally disregarded Cedric once I saw Brian. We ended up having a threesome that day. Even though I was supposed to be dating Cedric we didn’t last for a month. But me and Brian kept talking. We were joke that he was breaking guy code by seeing me and i used to Date his homeboy. Anyway we met about two years back into this day we still talk. I’ve always wanted him as my boyfriend and so I decided to ask him “have you ever thought about a us” He responded with yes plenty of times. I asked him why haven’t you mentioned it.? And he said he never thought about it. OK no big deal I ask him what he thought about it? He said he liked the idea so I ask him what about a us now? And he said he didn’t know. So yesterday I asked him what do you mean by you don’t know. He responded it would be nice I’m not even gonna lie but I know you have a lot going on. That’s the story my thing is wouldn’t it be better to go through things together or am I wrong. I mean we’re not together officially but I’m not going to say we are friends with benefits because it is more than that we both know that but both of our lives are a little complicated but we are so close I mean I’m talking about hope you have a good day at work and I need to bring you something for lunch type stuff so I mean what should I do I started to care about him a lot to the point when he said that it would be nice I fucking cried... help me. What to do advise