Potential miscarriage question

So before bleeding I was ten days late for af, I was getting extremely faint lines on tests since before missing af but they never got any darker. Anyways when ten days late the bleeding started it was heavy I was in a lot pain and I passed a strange tissue/clot. The bleeding was heavy for 4 days then got lighter on the fifth day, random red spotting on 6th day and brown spotting on 7th. I didn’t bleed at all yesterday or today. I haven’t been feeling myself, I’ve let the cleaning stack up choosing to sleep instead (very unlike me as I have ocd and am usually always cleaning) I’ve just been so tired and in a strange mood. I was thinking the mood was because I’d potentially had an early miscarriage (very faint lines then bleeding) anyways, I decided to take a test today just to prove to myself it would be negative and it’s come out with a faint but definitely noticeable line, darker than any line I had before I had the bleeding!

Has anyone had this? Because surely after that much bleeding I can’t still be pregnant? But how would the line have got a bit darker? I’m so confused :(

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