Why do I hate physical intimacy??


So it seems like literally every woman on the face of this earth loves cuddling, being coddled, constantly kissed, hugged, etc. which is amazing (you go ladies!!) but I hate it.

I hate cuddling, it’s uncomfortable and hot. I hate holding hands since it restricts my motion and again is just sweaty and gross. I hate being held in someone’s lap/arms. I hate too much kissing. I hate my SO touching all over my face and body unnecessarily, etc. It just all feels more like an inconvenience than an act of endearment. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being in a relationship. I love kissing and having sex, and even doing some of those other things when few and far between, but I just hate doing it everyday or even every week. I’ve found boys usually don’t fly with this, so I have to endure it during relationships, but I just can’t anymore oMG!!

So I was wondering if anyone can relate at all, bc I need to know I’m not crazy! Thank ya for coming to my ted talk !!