Kissing advice??

So I’m 16, and I’ve kissed one guy when I was 13 but things have definitely changed since then and I need advice because I’ve been talking to this guy for 4 almost 5 weeks and I really like him.

I’ve also met him twice ( I snuck out so my parents don’t know but I wanted to be sure I didn’t get bad vibes from him and I didn’t go alone ) and the second time I was a little out of it and he was a lot more out of it and he almost kissed me, I turned my head though but I didn’t know what exactly was going on so..

But he lives at least 50 minutes away from me and he comes down here for work and stuff so he’s coming this weekend and I’m not sure if we’ll even see each other but I’m hoping we do and I want to kiss him if I see him but idk how 😂. Help haha