Don’t be afraid of love, just do a background check first.

Im sure some of you have heard of a YouTuber named Brittani Louise Taylor. At one point she made vlogs which documented her relationship with a man named Milos Mihajlovic (if you ever meet him run for the hills). She got pregnant and engaged very quickly and shortly after the birth of her son, Milos disappeared from her vlogs and all her social media. When people asked questions she said she wasn’t legally allowed to comment on it as she was going through a lengthy trial.

She just released a book called “A sucky love story”. I don’t want to spoil the entire book but in it she explains how Milos (aided by his mother) turned out to be an abusive, sociopath, con artist. The guy looked pretty normal but every word that came out of his mouth was a life, from his job as a doctor to lying about having cancer and taking drugs to fake symptoms. I was actually terrified after finishing the book. They met on tinder and it really opened my eyes about how careful we need to be when meeting strangers online!!!!