His mom said we may get back together 😒

I broke up with my child’s father a few months ago. He cheated a lot and always was talking to other girls. He’s choked me and I love hit him before too. We were really toxic. We argued a lot because of his cheating so we really didn’t get along that good anymore. He sees his sons everyday though and he’s a great father. He helps me with errands too . I don’t want to get back with him because I can see he hasn’t changed and honestly I don’t think he will. I was just taken back by how his mom said we probably will get back together. She knows a lot of things we did so I don’t know how she could say that. And my child’s father keeps saying he wants me back . I’ve taken him back before and the cheating was actually worse. I’m only 21 and he’s 23 . I sometimes get sad that I’m labeled as a single mom. The stigma is truly saddening . And sometimes I worry that my sons will “suffer” from not having their parents together. I just wanted to vent a little .