D&E Experience

I just wanted to make this post for anyone who was curious or anxious. I was 15 weeks and about 5 days and so I was told I would need a D&E which means they use suction but also medical tools to terminate the pregnancy. I underwent a two-day procedure. The first day:

I was given two laminae inserted into my cervix to dilate it overnight. The insertion was extremely painful but it lasted minutes and I soon forgot. I cramped very heavily but it was similar to a bad first day on your period. You are given a prescription for ibuprofen 800 mg, and an antibiotic. I forgot to eat so I threw up the antibiotic so don’t forget that! I cramped pretty much all night but slept and couldn’t eat past midnight.

Second day:

My apt was at 5:30. I checked in with my driver, had my vitals taken and all and was given two pills that help soften the cervix. Again, very painful. I was given tordal for the pain but it didn’t really work for me, though the other girls present seemed to be fine and comfortable with their dosage. Then I was taken into the room after rinsing my mouth. You meet the anesthesiologist and they are all so nice and kind. I was given an oxygen mask and that’s the last thing I remember. I woke up in a bed but kept falling back asleep. After 45 minutes my BP was taken and a nurse massaged my stomach to see if blood would come out, as it did. once my BP got back to normal I was able to go home and they sent me home with a doctors note for school, a BC prescription and some extra pads. I’ve been spotting a little bit with dark blood but overall I feel so relieved and great and haven’t even had to use my ibuprofen at all. I was very confident in my decision especially because I was in an emotionally abusive relationship and have other health problems complicating the pregnancy. I know that it was for the best. Make sure you have great support around you, that’s how I’ve gotten through it all. ❤️