Birth control and pregnancy


Hello, I just have a question for some of you.. So I have been on birth control continuously since I was 13 (I am now 21) I have just recently decided to get off birth control (wasn’t planning to get pregnant, just tired of what it was doing to my body). But anyways, shortly after getting off birth control my boyfriend suggests that maybe we should start trying.. So we haven’t been using any protection and I’ve been off birth control for I believe two months now.

Now the question is, does anyone know if it “takes time” for birth control to leave the body before you even have a chance of getting pregnant? Or is that just another every bodies body is different scenarios? I was really hoping to get pregnant by Christmas so I had a way to surprise everyone because my family is hard to hide things from... So I figured the holidays would be the best distraction...

Please comment below!☺️