Crush problems

So I’m a freshman in high school and I started having feelings for this boy in my gym class (who we both already knew each other cuz we had a few classes last year but never talked) and I followed him on snap and we started a streaks. Note we’ve never talked.

Before a week before this he sent a story on snap asking if anybody wanted to play imessage games so I sent “👋🏻” and he saw it and screenshotted it 2 times and didn’t say anything so I said “???” And he didn’t say anything

So on thanksgiving I texted him “happy thanksgiving and he said “thanks ☺️” and my friend texted him the same thing but he texted “thanks 🙂” .

So the next day I wanted to text him but I was nervous so I made and excuse and said “heyy so I thought that I should talk to people more so how are you?” Then he opened it and didn’t say anything so I panicked and said my friend was on my phone the after I said “that was awkward...but anyway how was your thanskgiving” and he saw it and texted “do you think I’m cute??” And I panicked and said “no I like someone” (which I still have feelings for my old crush too) and he said “👍🏻” and I said why and he just opened it

Now my friends are saying they think he likes me but idk and I’m confused and Also I’m scared to text him again cuz idk if he’s gonna ask and idk if I should tell him my felelings...idk if I mess up and if I did what should I do? 🙈

(When I told my best friend I had feelings for him she said he’s super nice and sweet and friendly. He’s outgoing and has a lot of friends.)

I really want to text him and have a small convo now and I don’t know if I should and if should then how should I start?

I really want to text him to start a convo but sometimes he doesn’t look at his snaps and I’m scared for him to get mad at me for being annoying or getting hurt again 🙈