DPO? Testing temptations.

Hi guys, I am new to this app. I have been spending all my spare time looking through faint lines. I am convincing myself to take a HPT but I feel like I am way too early. I have low chances of becoming pregnant between being a lesbian and only 1 day of home insemination. I have very varying cycle lengths. We inseminated 9 days ago and I expect AF in 8 days. But like I said, my cycle varies. According to a 34 day cycle I am 6 DPO, but I feel like I am closer to 8DPO. Well anyways, like I said, I am tempted to take a early HPT. Is this completely useless or is there any small chance I could find a VFL? I feel like I need to use my last test so I'm not tempted to take it anymore. Thank you guys for being so amazing and supportive. I love the community created here. I don't feel so alone anymore.