Venting. (I'm mad!!!)

Because it's my fault my ex husband to be lied to my face and hid shit behind my back for weeks on end. And kept giving me every resson not to trust me... Yup.. My fault his grandma's is almost in tears and his mom is prying when she shouldn't even be.. I'm such a bad person.... To break up with him because he didn't make me happy anymore. I don't want to stay in a relationship where I tired and he didn't.. Where someone who once made me happy doesn't anymore. I csnt and won't change how he is, that's not how I roll. It's up to him if he wanted to change. So here we are. Everyone gives a shit about him and clearly none about me because I was the one who broke his heart.

If you're gonna be giving me shade I don't care you can do so of you want i can't control people's opinions.

But if people happen to say kind words which is absolutely unnecessary as this is just me ranting and venting because I'm having a damn meltdown..then thank you in advance.

Anyways I'm done.