Can’t get enough of you! /part-3/

As were nothing really wanting round 2 I ask if you’re ready. But before you can even answer I jump off the bed an grab the vibrator. I turn it on just for a quick moment witch makes you sit up an look. As climb back up on you I say “this time you do as I say, if you break the rules you will be punished” An before you could answer I’m all over you again. Rubbing your clit an slightly pinching your nipples.

I lean up an start kissing your neck an slide 3 fingers in again. Just pumping them in an out of you. Your body is all over the place cause I’m hitting all the right spots!

I finally throw your legs over my shoulders an wrap my hands around your waist. An just start licking all the way up an down your sweet soaking wet pussy. Sliding my tongue in an out of you with the vibrator an that 8in long & thick dildo sitting next to me just Incase you disobey me😉

I remove my tongue an run it back up to your clit, you moan out in what little breath you have “I’m so close to cumming baby” “you better hold it or else” I said back to her. She tried to respond but before she could I slid in 4 fingers an listen to her let out a big gasp for air. I stop my fingers inside of her letting her adjust a little. I started lightly sucking your pussy lips. Which made you moan, I started pumping my fingers into you an you only got louder. The louder you moaned the more I sucked an licked on your clit I slightly bit it witch made you scream in pleasure an pain at the same time.

“I’m gonna cum” you yelled

“No you’re gonna hold it just for a few second”

As I’m grabbing your waist with one hand to just pull you in closer to me. Your thighs tighten around my head an then I thought to myself “you better not do it” then the next thing I knew she squirted all over my face an cummed on my hand. Her legs feel down on the bed, they were like jello, an she sat up on her elbows, looked at me as she bit her lip an said “baby I’ve been a bad girl” “well you’ll get your punishment, trust me!”

I walked out of the bed room an when I came back she had 3 fingers in her self an was rubbing her clit. I dropped everything I had in my hands to the floor an threw her back on the bed, she laid there biting her lip. I quickly grabbed the dildo an before she could say anything else....

//part 4????//

//to be continued, but only if people want it to be//