Finally!!!! I have a due date!!


So after what feels like a long ordeal I finally have what I feel is a accurate estimation of how far along my pregnancy is (it’s been miscalculated for a while since I ovulate late and have long cycles) and a due date for my little bean.

I’m now 4 weeks and 6 days with a due date of August 20th 2019 (super close to my own birthday)

Because of the calculation issue, this has been a bumpy ride.

At one point I was told I was at high risk of an ectopic pregnancy and told I should not travel because I needed to stay close to an emergency hospital.

Now today the doctor said he is really happy with the size of my little bean, recalculated my progress and told me that we will probably be able to find a heartbeat next week.

So because Japan has a holiday on Xmas <a href="">eve</a> instead of Xmas day, I will be going in on Christmas Day and hopefully the heartbeat will be my best present!

Sorry for rambling here, I’m just so excited and relieved that everything has been recalculated so I’m a lot more happy with the progress knowing that I’m almost 5 weeks with a regular size bean not almost 7 weeks with a bean that is too small.

Hubby doesn’t want make it public until the end of the first trimester so I’m sharing here instead.