Emotional fight


Today, my boyfriend and I had plans with my family. He decided last minute to join his friends family for their daughters birthday. I was upset because he bailed on plans, and tried to Express this to him tonight. He had a chocolate ice cream cone, and threw it at me-twice. Screamed at me that I'm selfish (I attend all of his family things, I've missed out on things for myself to please him by spending time with his loved ones). He got in my face and screamed at me to take the kids and get out (they arent his). My kids were in the house and heard it all. I dont feel anything was resolved because I just said, ok from now on let's just do our own thing. Dont plan things with me if you cant follow through.

I AM NOT IN THE WRONG HERE. if I am, someone please open my eyes to this. I swear I wont be offended.

I just dont know what to do, or how to even act around him anymore. I'm currently on the couch. I dont even want to sleep in our bed tonight. I couldn't even tell you what I'm feeling..